Pakistan Studies, Islamiyat and Urdu are compulsory for all Pakistani nationals, as per national requirements in order to attain equivalency in Pakistan in order to attend universities in Pakistan.

Urdu is taught in MYPs 1-5 in the Language Acquisition group as an IB MYP subject (as oof 2020).  Like other IB subjects its final examination will be held at the end of MYP 5 in the form of an eAssessment.

Pakistan Studies and Islamiyat, taught in MYPs 3 and 4, are considered as subjects in the Individuals and Societies group. Although these subjects follow the IB MYP curriculum guidelines for teaching and assessment, the final exam for these two subjects, will be the CIE board given at the end of year 4.

If a student wishes to be exempted from any of these subjects, the school bears no responsibility for the non-attainment of equivalency, needed for entry into universities in Pakistan.