A) Internal

Department exams, tests, quizzes, home assignments, completed projects and other subject specific tasks evaluate the student’s academic progress.

Student progress is then recorded by pre-formative and summative assessments. While pre-assessments assess prior knowledge and formative assessments allow for adjustments in teaching strategies, summative assessments are the main/ end of unit assessment by which teachers are able to gauge the level of attainment of recently acquired knowledge. Student progress for all assessments is indicated in the bi-monthly, mid-term and final reports.

B) External

At the end of the five year MYP cycle, students are awarded by the IBO:

  1. Course results
  2. The MYP Certificate

All students regardless of their educational accomplishments will be given the course results; an IBO validated marks sheet, at the end of the MYP cycle (year 5). However, the MYP Certificate will ONLY be awarded to students who satisfy the following conditions:

  • Gained a grade total of at least 28 out of a possible maximum of 56, and gained at least a grade 3 in each of the six subject groups, the interdisciplinary on-screen examination and the personal project combined.
  • Completed the school’s requirements for service as action.

MYP eAssessment

Leading eAssessment School Badge

The MYP eAssessment provides external evaluation for students at the end of year 5 (15–16 years old) that leads to the internationally recognised IB MYP certificate. MYP eAssessment represents a balanced, appropriately challenging model that comprises examinations and coursework.

Two-hour onscreen examinations in five subject groups (language and literature, language acquisition, individuals and societies, mathematics and sciences) and interdisciplinary learning are externally marked by IB examiners.  All Personal Projects are also submitted to IB for marking by IB examiners.

Students also submit an ePortfolio of coursework for one of the three performance-oriented subject group (physical and health education, arts, and design), which is moderated to international standards.

These innovative assessments focus on conceptual understanding and the ability to apply knowledge in complex, unfamiliar situations. They offer a robust and reliable assessment of student achievement in the MYP.

MYP Assesments2

MYP Assessment Criteria

The MYP offers a criterion-referenced model of assessment. Therefore students’ results are determined by performance against set standards.

All criteria have a maximum achievement level of 8.

Description of Subject Criteria: